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Two Reasons We Love Marchwiel Park Timaru

Marchwiel Best Park Timaru NZ

To many of you who are familiar with the place, this might sound crazy.

You’d probably think, what’s so lovable with an ordinary open park located on top of a hill?

Marchwiel Park is one of the many parks in Timaru town proper, one of the eight parks in Timaru based on the Places NZ list.

I wonder why the park isn’t listed on on the “Timaru Parks” page of the Timaru District Council website.

Marchwiel Park has a 2.6-hectare unobstructed open space located on the northern end of Selwyn street.

A children’s playground and toilet facilities are located on the left side if you’re facing the park standing along Selwyn Street.

Like with any other New Zealand recreational reserves that are appreciated for its proximity, surrounding residents enjoy Marchwiel Park.

Here are two reasons Marchwiel Park is one recreational reserve in Timaru that we appreciate.

1. Beautiful 360° view, especially the horizon

Yes, among the eight listed parks, it is only Marchwiel Park that offers a wide unobstructed 360° view in Timaru. It is located on top of a hill.

Walking around the park you will see the stunning horizon, the ocean and mountain views.

The park’s vast open space can help refresh you from a busy tiring day.

If you are confined working inside a building for the day, imagine the effect of just walking or spending some moments at Marchwiel Park.

2. Evening walks are magical at Marchwiel Park

As daylight starts to fade and dusk reveals the first few evening stars, walking around the park becomes magical.

Marchwiel Park Timaru
Seeing the Elloughton Grange (right) backdropped by the hills beyond gives the view a classic feel.

In what way does a simple park become magical?

We made the “enchanting” discovery one evening when we walked around. The park is filled with the fragrance of home cooking.

Aside from the aroma of fish and chips from the Marchwiel Takeaways that welcomed us upon entering, we experienced smelling the cooking that’s happening at the homes surrounding the park.

As we walked around the park, we can’t help being remotely “nosy” as we tried guessing what’s up for dinner. One house was having curry and another had barbeque that evening.

Oceanview Heights School Timaru

Some suggestions to make Marchwiel Park more inclusive

We thought these suggestions would invite more residents to appreciate the park.

Basketball and volleyball courts

To cater to people who aren’t into rugby, cricket, or soccer, perhaps putting up a basketball and volleyball courts would be great.

Seems like a big project but these facilities will serve the community well. Furthermore, isn’t this related to the city’s vision to encourage participation in active recreation pursuits

Provided the basketball and volleyball pavements are quality concrete work Timaru projects, they can be used for other community activities like exhibits, fund-raising events, multicultural food fests, and many more.

Additional picnic tables and benches

There are currently two picnic tables in the park. A couple more would be really great.

Installing some benches at the park will cater to people who have difficulty sitting on the ground or if they need to recline. There is none at the moment.


Marchwiel Park seems to be just an ordinary neighbourhood park, for now.

Think about this, the park will surely play a crucial role in the future when calamities might arise, such as extreme weather events that climate change may bring.

Marchwiel Park is a very strategic place worth considering and including in the town’s risk management plan, especially when you think about tsunami, earthquakes, and inundation.


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