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5 Important Features Timaru Farm Buildings Must Have

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You can find different types of farm buildings and barns in Timaru. They come in different sizes, designs and materials used.

Apart from the design and size, there are several functionality features you should consider installing on your farm building.

To have a building that will serve you well, here are five essential features a barn and farm building in Timaru should have.

Proper Lighting

Good lighting is always a priority when it comes to your barn. The whole area is much safer when it is well-lighted.

Make sure to have a natural source of light as much as possible. The best way to allow natural light to come in is to design your roof panels and windows accordingly.

Another option is to consider using solar power. It might seem costly at first but you’ll definitely reap its long term benefits. It will eventually save you a lot on your energy costs.

Sufficient Water Source

One important thing that you need to make sure is that your animals should have instant access to clean and freshwater anytime. Installing a good water system is important.

If you want to save some more, you can even install a rainwater collection system to ensure you have enough water for cleaning and even firefighting. For an additional budget, you can have automatic waterers installed as this will save you on your man-hours.

A well-built farm building means a successful and efficient dairy farm operation.

Washing Stall

Every barn needs to have a washing bay in order to keep everything clean but it should be properly designed with a good drainage system to avoid water flooding the floor. Also, make sure that your drainage system must be compliant with existing ordinances on wastewater management.

For animal welfare and work safety, pavements should be grooved or if you prefer, you can install rubber mats and pavers. Your animals will have good footing and they won’t slide nor slip. Farmworkers can work with ease and convenience.

Fly and Insect Traps

Since your animals are staying indoors, you can never stop flies and other annoying insects to get inside. Flies do affect the behaviour of farm animals.

There are lots of options when it comes to fly and insect traps. See to it that your farm building has a designated place for their set up.

Surveillance System  

These days, we can now use technology to watch over our properties, including livestock. Installing a surveillance camera will help you monitor your animals, especially the pregnant ones.

Monitoring your animals while you’re at home will save you time and energy to go out regularly just to keep checking on them.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when it comes to farm buildings and dairy construction in Timaru.

Nevertheless, knowing the right Timaru building construction company and consulting them with your project is your primary step to the best farm building.

PHOTO CREDIT: Reuben Josh Juanitas


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