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Malaysian Cooking in the Heart of Fairlie Rose

malaysian cuisine fairlie new zealand

Dapur Oregin – Rose’s Authentic Kitchen started selling Malaysian food in May 2021 in the heart of Fairlie, a town 45 minutes drive from Timaru.

The challenges that the pandemic lockdowns brought to the food and hospitality businesses did not deter Rose Adams from starting her food business.

LOVE Timaru asked Rose to share her story. Please read the narrative behind “Dapur Oregin – Rose’s Authentic Kitchen” below:

Rose Adams

I was born in a small town called Kapit on the Island of Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia.

In 1995 I met my late husband James Adams while working for Erickson Air-Crane in Sarawak Rainforest Heli-logging. I was working as a cook.

I came to New Zealand in 1996. After three years working on a deer farm in Taupo, James and I moved to Fairlie in 2000. Now I call New Zealand home.

Rose’s Malaysian chicken curry

I have always dreamed of starting my own home cooking business to share my traditional foods with you all, as I love cooking.

During the Covid-19 lockdown last year, I had lots of time on my hands, so I started cooking and baking.

I also talked to my family and friends, asking them for advice and their thoughts and honest opinion on the foods that I cooked. They all encouraged me to give my food business a try. 

It’s been my dream to share famous Malaysian street food – chicken curry puffs made with my homemade pastry, beef rendang, and Malaysian chicken curry.

I am also serving my family recipe for Curry Spring Rolls, my original Spicy Pork Spring Rolls, Wontons, Malaysian Roti Canai, and fresh Acar/Pickles made from cucumber, carrot, and pineapples.

Since starting my cooking business, my local, loyal customers have greatly encouraged me.

They like the Malaysian dishes I have made for them, describing them as “yummy” and “delicious.”

Dapur is the Malaysian word for “kitchen”, and “Oregin” means origin. So, “Dapur Oregin” means coming or originating from my kitchen.

I dreamed one day of selling my frozen chicken curry puffs outside of Fairlie.

God always comes first in the centre of this food business, Dapur Oregin Rose’s Authentic Kitchen.

To my customers, friends, and family, thank you for all your support.

Let us journey together. Let me take you to a taste of Asia at home (New Zealand).

Contact Dapur Oregin – Rose’s Authentic Kitchen

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