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Why We Love Timaru for this Tasty Seafood Chowder

We love Timaru

It was almost lunchtime, and I was pounding on the keyboard, writing the blog posts for each of the 10-video interview series.

Five minutes before the lunch break, my phone’s monitor lit up. I got a text.

I leaned on my left side to glance. The text read, “Love, I made seafood chowder for lunch. It’s done.”

Wow, that was probably the longest five minutes I ever had. 🙂

we love timaru paknsave
We love Timaru because the basic things you need are easily accessible.

We love Timaru because living and working here gives you have the option to go home and eat lunch with your wife, your family and loved ones.

It doesn’t have to be seafood chowder all the time, nor it will always be at home. It’s not really about the food, to be honest.

It’s about living in a place that affords you the precious time for work and family.

We love Timaru because we can also decide to meet somewhere for lunch and still we won’t be late getting back to work.


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