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Living in Timaru, Working in Auckland – The Case of Francis and His Family

Francis and his family frolicking at Moeraki Boulders

We have probably read many articles about our town’s campaign to convince people to move and live in Timaru.

Among the reasons that the Aoraki Development site mentions are:

    • Higher education
    • Economy
    • Housing affordability
    • Easy commute
    • A great lifestyle, with abundant opportunities

How about adding “Live in Timaru, Work in Auckland” as one of the many great reasons to come and LOVE Timaru?

Yes, this is a real-life scheme that might help boost our “We Love Timaru” campaign.

live in timaru, work in auckland
Francis and his family frolicking at the Moeraki Boulders

In December 2017, we meet Francis and his family at the former Food Haven Cafe at the Royal Arcade the day after their arrival from Auckland.

We learned that unlike most stories of moving, Francis brought his Auckland job with him.

Francis is a Developer/Programmer for a company based in Auckland.

So, like any other employee, he reports to his home office in Timaru every working day.

How Francis and his employers were able to make this arrangement will be a good feasibility study for possible replication.

Imagine the many persons with their families who will definitely move to Timaru through a possible “Live in Timaru, Work in Auckland” scheme.

Now, Francis and his family are enjoying all the beautiful reasons to live in Timaru and he continues to work for an Auckland firm.

love timaru
love timaru

PHOTO CREDIT: Francis Joseph Yanga


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