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Web Content SEO – Keyword Optimising the Website for Search Engines

Web Content Optimisation is a very important aspect of search engine optimisation.

Great! Your website has a well-written content that your prospective human customers will readily understand but how would search engines read your site content?

Web content search engine optimisation will ensure that your site is optimised for the keywords that you have chosen.

Our Web Content SEO Services

Page Search Engine Optimisation

This SEO service includes the following:

  • strategic placement of the site’s chosen keywords into the content;
  • organising text structure, layout and navigation based on web content writing best practices;
  • checking link integrity and value, fixing broken links;
  • creating meta descriptions;
  • rewriting titles of pages/posts;

Image Search Engine Optimisation

In addition to the customary “Alt Text” tagging of images, Owniche composes keyword-rich captions (up to 200 characters) to optimise further the image that comes with the content.

We also apply a proven technique in image SEO.

Video Search Engine Optimisation

Writing a keyword-rich description of the video telling both the reader and the search engine what the video is all about.

It requires an SEO eye to watch the video and write a short paragraph that describes it.

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