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Our Online Marketing Values

Working online for clients around the world, the following values are very important to establish a good clientele and work reputation.

We operate in Timaru and work with local and international clients with these values in our hearts and mind. We are committed to manifesting these values in the work that we do and in our daily lives.

Owniche - Online Marketing Manager
  • Integrity

Integrity is the most primary value that is important to us, having worked online with many clients around the world.  We work with transparency and we don’t leave our clients in the dark about the SEO and other digital marketing projects that we do.

  • Quality work

We are committed to achieving quality in the work that we do.  While we possess the knowledge and skills in online marketing, we are also open to suggestions and more learning.

  • Fairness

We love to work with fairness to all our clients.  Working with us means that you only pay for the SEO and other online marketing services that you have availed from us.

  • Patience

Patience weaves our successes as online marketing entrepreneurs and as ordinary people in the community. It gives us the tenacity to love the online marketing management projects that we have.

  • Hard work

Hard work is an important element in achieving success in any endeavour.  We believe that quality work can only be achieved through toiling hard as nothing comes easy in this world.

Director, Owniche Ltd.